Quarantino Trailer #2

Created at peak boredom during quarantine.

Project consists mainly of free images and music sourced online. The films that play on the TV screens are clips from projects my friends and I have worked on. I made the carpet beneath the TVs in Photoshop (little nod to The Shining). A combination of After Effects and Premiere Pro for was used for the rest of the project.

Friends’ film credits can be found below:

“Get In” by Lisette DeJesus
“Happy Birthday, Corey” by David Djaco
Various artwork by David Djaco
“Generación 2000 – The Division Crew” by Steve Fred
“Nashville – Scene Recreation” by Steve Fred, starring Nathanya Alexander
“Purgatory” by Steve Fred
“In Between” by Danna Johnson
Director of Photography Reel by Darius Livingston
“Late for the Funeral” by Christopher London
“Can I” by Madelyn Meagher
“The Dealer” by Madelyn Meagher
“Obsessed” by Madelyn Meagher
“We Don’t Need to Tell Women They’re Beautiful” by Madelyn Meagher
“Donations Mac” by Tom Witkowski and Aubrey Resto
“The Reaper” by Aubrey Resto
“Trust Me” by Aubrey Resto

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